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World Halal Summit 2022: How to Future-Proof your Halal Travel Marketing Strategy

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World Halal Summit ISTANBUL, Soumaya HAMDI
ISTANBUL, November 2022

The World Halal Summit, the largest event in the Halal industry that brings together international academicians and fiqh experts from around the globe, recently featured Soumaya Hamdi, Director of Halal Travel Guide, as a distinguished speaker at its Halal Tourism Session. The Summit, known for hosting conferences that highlight the latest developments and updates related to the Halal sector, aims to raise awareness about Halal in various industries such as finance, tourism, food, medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics, textile, and modest fashion.

Hamdi shared insights from her extensive research on the preferences of Muslim travellers, which she has conducted over the past four years. Her research, conducted through Halal Travel Guide, delves into the desires, concerns, and challenges faced by Muslim travellers in the increasingly competitive Halal Travel Market, estimated to be worth USD 225 billion by 2028. With Millennials and Gen Z being the most valuable segment of this market, Hamdi’s research emphasizes the importance of understanding the needs of Muslim travellers to develop effective marketing strategies that can withstand the challenges faced by the global travel and tourism industry.

Hamdi’s session at the World Halal Summit shed light on how destinations can future-proof their marketing strategies to stand out in the competitive Halal Tourism Market. She highlighted the significance of understanding Muslim traveller preferences and expectations in order to create high-quality travel experiences that meet their needs. With 70% of the estimated 2 billion global Muslim population aged 40 years or under, Hamdi emphasized that this market segment not only represents the largest group of Muslim travellers but also shapes the future of Halal Tourism.

The World Halal Summit provided an international platform for Halal experts, academics, researchers, stakeholders, businesspersons, and policy-makers to exchange ideas, share experiences, and discuss current trends and new directions in the Halal sector.