Women Leadership In the Global Halal Industry

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Women Leadership in the Global Halal Industry


 Women Leadership In the Global Halal Industry

Soumaya T. Hamdi was invited to speak at the The 4th Edition of International Halal Conference, organised by Halal Trade Zone Argentina and SusNet Malaysia, under the patronage of SMIIC., OIC.

The conference was organised in honour of International Women’s Day. The conference platformed women who have successfully built products and services in the global Halal industry intending to share their journey and valuable experiences in the Halal industry.

 Women Leadership In the Global Halal IndustryFrom the organisers: “Through this conference we intend to honour the legacy of great women in Islamic history like Khadijah (r.a) who was the first person to believe in Islam when revelation came to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s) and the most successful business woman in Makkah, Aisha (r.a) who was one of the great scholars and narrated the most ahadith, Fatima Al Fihri who is the woman behind the oldest university founded in 859 AD which is still operational today, Mariam Astrulabi who developed astrolabes and many others  in our beautiful Islamic history.”


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