Why I’m Convinced E-SIMs are the Travel Tech of Tomorrow: A Personal Insight with Airalo

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Salaam, tech-savvy travellers! Let’s cut to the chase: e-SIMs are reshaping our travel stories, and I’m here to walk you through why 2024 should be the year you use your first e-sim (if you haven’t already!). To make your journey into the travel tech of tomorrow easier, we’ve got a unique HTG Community discount code for you. Simply head over to the e-sim store Airalo and use code  “HTG” for 15% off all e-sims till the end of March 2024, then 10% off thereafter. Check it out: Airalo 🌐

So, what are E-SIMS?

airalo e-sims

The technology for e-sims has been around for several years already, but I’m ashamed to say that I only just recently used one. And since I have tasted just how affordable and convenient e-sims are, there’s no going back. You know the hassle of swapping SIM cards at each destination? Or have you been spending excessive amounts of money on roaming charges? Forget about this in 2024. It’s time to embrace e-sim technology and make staying connected while travelling much more accessible and affordable.

The Unmatched Benefits of E-SIMs for Travellers who like to stay connected

The moment you land, you’re connected – it’s that simple. No more hunting for local SIMs or paying exorbitant roaming fees. Plus, they’re more secure and often cheaper than traditional options. For someone like me who’s always on the go, e-SIMs are a lifesaver.

Why I Love Airalo


I stumbled upon Airalo when a fellow traveller recommended them to me, and shared a handy discount code. Since then, I haven’t looked back. Their platform is user-friendly, offering e-SIMs for over 190 countries. It’s not just about being online; it’s about making your entire travel experience smoother and more enjoyable. The minute you land, you can connect to the internet and tell your loved ones back home that you have safely arrived at your destination. 

I recommend Airalo, in particular, because of their excellent customer service. When I recently couldn’t get my sim to connect to the network in Bosnia, I had a member of the support team helping me out within minutes of my email asking for help. They ran through all the possible problems until we finally discovered and resolved them quickly.

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So, how do I start using E-SIMS?

It’s a piece of cake. Check if your phone is e-SIM compatible, head over to Airalo, pick a plan that matches the country you’re travelling to, and then follow a few simple activation steps. And just like that, you’re part of the global e-SIM family.

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