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Adventure in Uzbekistan: Khiva

In Community Blog, Halal Travel Guide, Uncategorized, Uzbekistan by Maryam Tidjani

The walled city loomed ahead of us. Our tour guide, a Khiva native named Mohammed, drew our attention to a map depicting its significance in the region. It read: “Welcome …

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Andalucia: Resurrecting a lost story

In Uncategorized by Soumaya Hamdi

Arrival in Andalucia The Byzantine ambassador enters through an enormous ebony door, onto a long red carpet that stretches over the marble floor. He begins his walk towards the Sultan’s …

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The Cotswolds: Mosques and prayer facilities

In Halal Travel Guide, Uncategorized by Soumaya Hamdi

While we always recommend following the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) and joining your prayers when travelling, you will not have to worry about missing jumu’ah when in the Cotswolds. …