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Halal Eateries You Need to Try in Tokyo

In Tokyo, Travel Guide, Travel Guide by Giannisa Ovie

Food is always a big part of my trip, but it’s not always easy to access high-quality halal food when you’re travelling, right? So when I visited Tokyo in 2019, I needed to make sure that I could always access halal food. But is …

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A Muslim-friendly guide to Moscow, Russia

In Travel Guide by Dina Dzhunskalieva

A Muslim-friendly guide to Moscow Moscow, the capital of Russia and home to an estimated 12 million people, may not be the obvious Muslim-friendly destination. However, the Muslim community in Russia grows year by year – various estimates place the current Muslim population in …

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Travel Guide to Qatar: Pearl of the Persian Gulf

In Itinerary, Travel Guide by Maryam Khalil

Your travel guide to Qatar The cold snap was just beginning, and the moment I found a layer of ice on my car windscreen one early morning, my mind was made up for me; I was going to spend my upcoming half term in …

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Amsterdam: The Ultimate Muslim-friendly travel guide

In Travel Guide by David Van Brakel

There are many reasons why hundreds of thousands of Muslim travellers are flocking to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, each year. With its picturesque canals and magnificent architecture, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and an ideal destination for having a …

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Salalah, the hidden gem: a desert oasis

In Itinerary, Travel Guide by Abu Ayyub

Salalah…   I can still hear the roar of the waves as they crash against the shore.  Several gulls fly overhead while not far off the coast, a dolphin peeks out from the dark blue ocean.  Behind me rises a wall of cliffs, an …

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Is London the best place to be Muslim and hungry? 10 reasons why London is the best city for halal food

In Itinerary, London, Travel Guide, Travel Guide, United Kingdom by Soumaya

The halal food scene in London is the best it has ever been, and it just keeps getting better. Here’s why London is the halal food capital of the world. 1.It’s gourmet burger heaven Gone are the days when the only halal burgers you …

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Afternoon Tea at Hathaway Tea Rooms

In The Cotswolds, Travel Guide, Travel Guide, United Kingdom by Soumaya

A visit to the Cotswolds, even for just a day, calls for a stop at one of the numerous classic and classy tea rooms for Afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is said to have been introduced in 1840. Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, found the …

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Lavender fields near London

In London, Travel Guide, United Kingdom by Soumaya

  I have had some serious wanderlust for visiting Provence in the south of France since  I came across a Google image of the region’s famous beautiful purple lavender fields. What I didn’t know until recently is that I can experience the same thing without …

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Bosnia: Travel Planner

In Bosnia, Travel Guide, Travel Guide by Soumaya

Many of you have been in touch to find out more about how you too can visit this beautiful country, so I have shared my top tips below. 1.Getting there There are no direct flights from the UK to Bosnia. You can fly to …