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It’s time to update the world map

In #OwnYourNarrative, Muslim heritage by Soumaya

Actually, it’s long overdue.   Think back to your high school Geography classes, where you …

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Ramadan in the Caribbean 2020

In #OwnYourNarrative, Faith, Muslim heritage by Suleiman Bulbulia

Very soon, Muslims across the Caribbean will scan the skies in search of the crescent …

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Lahore: City of Kings

In Muslim heritage by Maryam Khalil

“Islamic architecture often alludes to the infinite power of God. The imposing structures of splendid …

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Five must-read journals by legendary Muslim travellers

In #OwnYourNarrative, Faith, Muslim heritage by Soumaya

“Have they not travelled over the land so that they may have hearts by which …

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A brief Islamic history of plagues in light of Coronavirus

In #OwnYourNarrative, Muslim heritage, Travel post Covid-19 by Soumaya

Photo: amooorah93/Instagram Wherever you are in the world right now, there’s a high probability that …

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Bosnia: The Ottoman Legacy

In #OwnYourNarrative, Featured, Itinerary, Muslim heritage by Soumaya

Bosnia: The Ottoman Legacy Not many know about Bosnia’s Ottoman legacy. Only 10 years after …

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Adventure in Uzbekistan: Khiva

In Bucket List, Muslim heritage, Uzbekistan by Maryam Tidjani

The walled city loomed ahead of us. Our tour guide, a Khiva native named Mohammed, …

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Islam in Cape Town: a road trip

In #OwnYourNarrative, Bucket List, Faith, Muslim heritage by Salman Shamsuddin

Unspoilt      natural      beauty Three words which, to me, describe Cape Town …

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In Search of a Nabi – The Tomb of Nabi Ayyub

In Faith, Muslim heritage by Abu Ayyub

Join Abu Ayyub, travel writer and photographer, on his journey to visit what is believed …

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Istanbul: A Crossroads of History

In Muslim heritage by Tariq Basharat

Tariq is a travel writer who specialises in Islamic history. An aspiring historian, Tariq is …