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Ottoman Islamic history in Bosnia

In #OwnYourNarrative, Itinerary, Muslim heritage by Soumaya

Ottoman Islamic history in Bosnia If you’re a history buff or culture vulture, you probably already know that you’ll find centuries’ worth of well-preserved Ottoman Islamic history in Bosnia. Only 10 years after Sultan Mehmet al Fatih conquered Constantinople (Istanbul), he entered Bosnia Herzegovina …

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6 day itinerary to North England: Best of the UK countryside

In Itinerary, United Kingdom by Salman Shamsuddin

The northern parts of England are famous amongst hikers and nature lovers for being home to dramatic landscapes and incredible views. Unless you live in the area though, planning a trip to exploring northern England can be a little overwhelming; where do you begin …

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Barbados: 5 Things you Must do

In Itinerary, Travel post Covid-19 by Sara Salih

Think travel  – to Barbados, or to anywhere – is out of the question right now? In most cases the Covid-19 pandemic has brought international travel to a halt. There are however some countries that actually want you to come and visit them right …

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5 secluded beaches in the UK to visit during your summer staycation

In Itinerary by Halal Travel Guide Team

It’s not always easy to find beaches in the UK that aren’t crammed with tourists. Although the UK is not particularly famous for its beaches, there are a few hidden gems that are ideal for anyone who prefers to avoid the crowds of summer …

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Travel Guide: Oman’s natural beauty spots

In Itinerary by Nafeesa and Humaid

When you first think of the Arabian Peninsula, you might be forgiven for thinking that this region is mostly characterised by hot desert sands. However, a visit to Oman’s natural beauty spots leaves visitors marvelling at the scenery this country has to offer. White …

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Casablanca, Morocco: 5 Reasons to explore with a local

In Itinerary, She Travels by Zaakirah

  Casablanca, Morocco: A Taste of an Authentic Local Experience There is something about Morocco that brings me back every time I find myself thinking about where to travel to next. What I find most fascinating is that every area is so unique and …

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Travel Guide to Qatar: Pearl of the Persian Gulf

In Itinerary, Travel Guide by Maryam Khalil

Your travel guide to Qatar The cold snap was just beginning, and the moment I found a layer of ice on my car windscreen one early morning, my mind was made up for me; I was going to spend my upcoming half term in …

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Salalah, the hidden gem: a desert oasis

In Itinerary, Travel Guide by Abu Ayyub

Salalah…   I can still hear the roar of the waves as they crash against the shore.  Several gulls fly overhead while not far off the coast, a dolphin peeks out from the dark blue ocean.  Behind me rises a wall of cliffs, an …

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Islam in Cape Town: a road trip

In #OwnYourNarrative, Faith, Itinerary by Salman Shamsuddin

Unspoilt      natural      beauty Three words which, to me, describe Cape Town perfectly.  I have never before visited a destination which has the perfect balance between being a thriving metropolitan city with a hiking-friendly mountain range, that is fringed by a …

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Morocco: a traveller’s delight

In Community, Itinerary by Abu Ayyub

With so many options, where does one even start planning a visit to Morocco? Everyone has heard about the famed squares and bustling souqs of Marrakesh set against the backdrop of desert views, or the saintly wonders of Fez with its ancient walls, madrassas …