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Seoul: 8 Activities that are a Must

In Community, Seoul, South Korea, Travel Guide by Soumaya

There are so many great things to do in Seoul, including eating some of the most delicious desserts in the world and buying great skincare products. We have come up with a select list of must-do activities to experience authentic Seoul.   1.Trick Eye museum A great place …

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Halal food in Seoul

In Seoul, South Korea, Travel Guide by Soumaya

Over the last few years the number of halal restaurants in Seoul has grown substantially. Below you will find a list of restaurants that serve halal food. Whether you are looking to try authentic Korean dishes or want something to remind you of home, …

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Seoul: Travel Planner

In Seoul, Travel Guide by Soumaya

It can be daunting visiting a country where you don’t speak (and can’t even try to read) the language. Never let this put you off! If you’ve read Five Reasons why Visiting Korea should be on your to-do list and are ready to book your trip, …