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5 Reasons to visit Uzbekistan in 2019

In Community, Uzbekistan by Soumaya Hamdi

If you enjoy using social media as a virtual escape to new and exciting travel destinations, you may have seen recent photos showcasing the beauty of Uzbekistan. Over the past …

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Adventure in Uzbekistan: Khiva

In Community Blog, Halal Travel Guide, Uncategorized, Uzbekistan by Maryam Tidjani

The walled city loomed ahead of us. Our tour guide, a Khiva native named Mohammed, drew our attention to a map depicting its significance in the region. It read: “Welcome …

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Why travelling in a group is the new solo travel

In Community, Community Blog, Halal Travel Guide, Travel Inspiration by Maryam Tidjani

Does the thought of travelling in a group of strangers make you cringe? Or perhaps make you want to curl into a ball, rocking yourself back and forth? Well until …

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Islam in Cape Town: a road trip

In Community Blog, Halal Travel Guide by Salman Shamsuddin

Unspoilt      natural      beauty. Three words which, to me, describe Cape Town perfectly.  I have never before visited a destination which has the perfect balance between being …

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Morocco: a traveller’s delight

In Community, Community Blog, Halal Travel Guide by Abu Ayyub

With so many options, where does one even start planning a visit to Morocco? Everyone has heard about the famed squares and bustling souqs of Marrakesh set against the backdrop …

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Bentota- Kissed by the sun

In Community Blog, Halal Travel Guide by Masha Roomie

Bentota boasts one of the most exquisite beaches in Sri Lanka allowing you to bask in the serene tranquility of island life. It has everything you need for a sun-kissed …

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Istanbul: A Crossroads of History

In Community, Turkey by Tariq Basharat

Tariq is a travel writer who specialises in Islamic history. An aspiring historian, Tariq is the founder of the popular Instagram page Hikma History, which explores the highs and lows of …

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5 facts you didn’t know about the iconic Stari Most

In Halal Travel Guide by Soumaya Hamdi

If visiting Mostar hasn’t made your bucket list yet, find out why it should, starting with this iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stari Most. 1.The bridge has no foundations The …

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7 Reasons why every Muslim should visit Bosnia

In Halal Travel Guide by Soumaya Hamdi

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Bosnia’? Here are seven things that will make you fall in love with this Balkan gem. 1. Rich Islamic heritage …

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“Up, Up, and Away!” Flying in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey

In Cappadocia, Halal Travel Guide, Turkey by Maryam Tidjani

Ah, to take to the skies in a hot air balloon. Or to be more precise, to fly 3000 feet over rocky terrain in what is essentially a wicker basket …