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How to gain the rewards of Dhul Hijjah without performing Hajj

In Faith by Halal Travel Guide Team

  The month of pilgrimage has arrived, but the vast majority of us (unless you’re …

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This Pocket Sejadah makes it easier for you to pray in a Covid-19 world

In Faith, Sponsored, Travel post Covid-19 by Halal Travel Guide Team

This article was brought to you by TAKVA.   Finally, travel restrictions are beginning to …

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In pictures: mosques reopen under Covid-19 restrictions

In Faith, Travel post Covid-19 by Halal Travel Guide Team

It’s been over 3 months now since the World Health Organisation declared the coronavirus a …

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Ramadan in Al Quds

In Faith by Hilal F

 Perceive the signs and feel the blessings…   “It’s Ramadan, the last ten days. Let …

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Ramadan in the Caribbean 2020

In #OwnYourNarrative, Faith, Muslim heritage by Suleiman Bulbulia

Very soon, Muslims across the Caribbean will scan the skies in search of the crescent …

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Five must-read journals by legendary Muslim travellers

In #OwnYourNarrative, Faith, Muslim heritage by Soumaya

“Have they not travelled over the land so that they may have hearts by which …

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Islam in Cape Town: a road trip

In #OwnYourNarrative, Faith, Itinerary by Salman Shamsuddin

Unspoilt      natural      beauty Three words which, to me, describe Cape Town …

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In Search of a Nabi – The Tomb of Nabi Ayyub

In Faith, Muslim heritage by Abu Ayyub

Join Abu Ayyub, travel writer and photographer, on his journey to visit what is believed …