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Ramadan in Al Quds (Jerusalem)

In Community, Muslim heritage by Hilal F

This article was first published in May 2020. Perceive the signs and feel the blessings… “It’s Ramadan, the last ten days. Let me experience this holy place and let me explore its sacred significance.” As I looked at an online flyer, that thought immediately …

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This Muslim couple are making it easier for you to go hiking in the UK

In Community, United Kingdom by Soumaya

  Summit Special Adventures is a hiking group that makes it easier for Muslims and ethnic minorities to access and enjoy the UK’s beautiful scenery.     If you’d like to explore more of the UK on long walks, you’re in the right place.  …

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How buying art can help tackle the coronavirus

In Community by Samia Omar Bwana

About four years ago I dreamed up the idea of starting a halal travel company to get more people to travel to my home country of Kenya and Africa as a whole. One and a half years ago, Halal Safaris Africa was born, the …

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A Balkan Experience

In Community by Sami Hamdi

“So, have you visited Blagaj? What about Pocitelj?” I’ve been to Bosnia before, with a couple of a friends on a road trip through the Balkans. At the time it felt like a lot of fun; the jokes during the car journeys, the chance …

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Why travelling in a group is the new solo travel

In Community, She Travels by Maryam Tidjani

Does the thought of travelling in a group of strangers make you cringe? Or perhaps make you want to curl into a ball, rocking yourself back and forth? Well until my recent travels, these were my own personal feelings on the matter. And yet, …

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Morocco: a traveller’s delight

In Community, Itinerary by Abu Ayyub

With so many options, where does one even start planning a visit to Morocco? Everyone has heard about the famed squares and bustling souqs of Marrakesh set against the backdrop of desert views, or the saintly wonders of Fez with its ancient walls, madrassas …

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“Up, Up, and Away!” Flying in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey

In Cappadocia, Community, She Travels by Maryam Tidjani

Ah, to take to the skies in a hot air balloon. Or to be more precise, to fly 3000 feet over rocky terrain in what is essentially a wicker basket with no lid. Not being afraid of heights, I was eager to cross this …

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Meet Muzza Abroad, the British beard-wearing backpacker!

In Community, United Kingdom by Soumaya

Aqeel Karim – AKA Muzza Abroad – has spent the best part of 2017 trekking up and down through Latin America, during which he narrowly missed getting caught up in Hurrican Irma in Cuba, and experienced  death-road mountain biking in the Amazon rainforest.  Read …

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Istanbul: The time I travelled from Europe to Asia for a kebab

In Community, She Travels, Turkey by Maryam Tidjani

After a gruelling 8 hours of travel (over land, air, sea and more land), me and my travel buddy SH arrived in the bustling centre of Sultanahmet, Istanbul. It was loud, it was busy and every local we asked for directions sent us in …

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Halal Restaurants: Cappadocia

In Cappadocia, Community, Travel Guide, Turkey by Soumaya

There are plenty of restaurants that serve halal meat in Cappadocia, although most restaurants also serve alcohol. Depending on where you choose to stay or what your itinerary looks like, start off by checking these restaurants out. You are likely to find more alcohol-free …