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This Pocket Sejadah makes it easier for you to pray in a Covid-19 world

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Finally, travel restrictions are beginning to ease and we can begin to spend more time outdoors in the ‘New Normal’ world. Granted, it looks different to what we’re used to, and extra caution will be required when we visit everyday places, including the mosque. Though mosques here in the UK are not expected to begin opening until 4th July, congregations around the world have resumed with various changes to accommodate social distancing and stricter hygiene measures.


Congregational prayers resume for the first time since restrictions caused by Covid-19 at Fatih Camii, Istanbul. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Photo: Diyanet İşleri Başkanı/Twitter⁠


While the safety measures being implemented differ depending on where you live, there is one factor that most mosques have in common; the requirement to bring your own prayer mat (sejadah). In fact, whether you’re praying in the mosque, at the office or in the park, now is the time to invest in a good quality portable prayer mat.


Fortunately, we think we have found exactly what you need.


The Pocket Sejadah


Smaller and thinner than an A5 notebook, the Pocket Sejadah is ideal for anyone who enjoys travelling light, but without skimping on comfort or convenience. Blending the timeless beauty of Islamic geometric patterns with a practical waterproof fabric (no more wet knees when doing sujood in the grass!), the Pocket Sejadah  helps makes it easier to pray safely and comfortably, wherever you are.


What’s special about this portable prayer mat though is not just the innovative design, but the story behind how it came about.


It all started when Singaporean-Chinese designer Meryem Chin became a Muslim, and was surprised to find that it was actually quite difficult to pray comfortably when not at home. Meryem chose not to accept the problem as a fact of life for Muslims all over the world. Instead, she set about finding a solution.



“It was difficult to find proper, clean places to pray anytime and anywhere”, she recalls, lamenting the lack of good quality portable prayer mats available on the market. If you’ve ever needed to pray outside of the home, you can most likely relate. We’ve all been in uncomfortable situations where we’ve had to use a publicly available (often worn and fraying) prayer mat, or substituted a jacket or scarf as a sejadah. Of course as we begin to return to work, school and other public places with Covid-19 still a risk, we will need to be more careful about what we come into contact with.


Meryem and her husband Mustafa began researching what it would take to design a prayer mat that was both portable and made from high-quality fabric. What initially started as a problem paved the way for them to set up their own company, TAKVA, a brand specialised in producing innovative products for Muslims on the go. Together the creative husband and wife duo have developed a reputation for successfully designing a number of high quality products for Muslims who value home comforts when out exploring the world. Watch this space for the release of their highly anticipated Bidoo!




the pocket sejadah


It’s very rare that we recommend products on our platform – in fact, this is the first time – but it’s clear the Pocket Sejadah has been made with love. Upgrade the ease with which you pray away from home by making the Pocket Sejadah a travel essential. Plus, with Eid just around the corner, the Pocket Sejadah makes a thoughtful gift that benefits both the recipient and the gift-giver.


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This article was brought to you by TAKVA.