Talking sustainable tourism at the Indonesia International Halal Lifestyle Conference

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What if halal tourism could become a force for good in our post-Covid world?


This is at the core of everything we do at Halal Travel Guide, and this year we had the honour of sharing our vision at the Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Conference.


Halal Travel Guide founder, Soumaya Hamdi, was invited to take to the stage to share how halal tourism can help revive the global economy. Experts and guests joined this online event from all over the world.


isef indonesia halal lifestyle conference


Halal tourism:  a force for good in our post-Covid world


Soumaya’s key message?


That halal tourism can and should provide a model that benefits local communities, local economies,  and connect travellers with meaningful travel experiences. By working in partnership with local businesses and homegrown travel experts, travellers gain access to the best travel experiences and local communities have the opportunity to flourish more sustainably.


isef indonesia halal lifestyle conference


Watch the catch-up session here.


isef indonesia halal lifestyle conference


ISEF is an initiative of the Central Bank of Indonesia in partnership with all key stakeholders of Indonesia Islamic Economic and Finance industry to build an international event in Islamic economic and finance industry.