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Afternoon Tea at Hathaway Tea Rooms

In Halal Travel Guide, The Cotswolds by Soumaya Hamdi

A visit to the Cotswolds, even for just a day, calls for a stop at one of the numerous classic and classy tea rooms for Afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is …

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Staycation in The Cotswolds

In Travel Inspiration by Soumaya Hamdi

Although I live in the UK, I spend more time holidaying outside of it. One of the reasons is probably the notion that because I live here, I can explore …

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The Cotswolds: Halal restaurants

In Halal Travel Guide by Soumaya Hamdi

You will be pleased to know that amongst the classic English villages and countryside there are also plenty of halal restaurants in The Cotswolds, if you know where to look. …

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The Cotswolds: 7 activities to enjoy during your stay

In Halal Travel Guide, Travel Inspiration by Soumaya Hamdi

Arranging a trip to The Cotswolds can seem overwhelming once you read just how many things there are to do. We have chosen 7 of our personal recommendations of things …

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The Cotswolds: Mosques and prayer facilities

In Halal Travel Guide, Uncategorized by Soumaya Hamdi

While we always recommend following the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) and joining your prayers when travelling, you will not have to worry about missing jumu’ah when in the Cotswolds. …