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Seoul: 8 Activities that are a Must

In Halal Travel Guide, South Korea by Soumaya Hamdi

There are so many great things to do in Seoul, including eating some of the most delicious desserts in the world and buying great skincare products. We have come up with a select list …

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Seoul: Travel Planner

In Halal Travel Guide by Soumaya Hamdi

It can be daunting visiting a country where you don’t speak (and can’t even try to read) the language. Never let this put you off! If you’ve read Five Reasons …

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Five reasons why visiting Korea should be on your to-do list

In South Korea, Travel Inspiration by Soumaya Hamdi

When I told my colleagues and family that I was going to Korea for almost a month, the declaration was usually followed up the question ‘North or South?’. Granted, I …

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The ‘Seoul’ of Asia

In South Korea, Travel Inspiration by Nora Hamdi

When someone says South Korea, you think of K-pop, K-dramas, possibly North Korea. When someone declares it as their new holiday destination, you think that they were a lot more into Super Junior than you originally thought. However, after spending a month discovering every inch of the second largest metropolitan city, I arrived home with a both a heavy heart and a resolution. A resolution to show the world, or at least my readers, the true wonder we are all missing out on that is Seoul…