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Amman, Al Salt, Wadi Rum, Petra

Explore the heart and soul of Jordan with us on this epic 8-day adventure. You'll trace the routes of prophets mentioned in the Quran and travel onwards to where some of the sahaba closest to Prophet SAW are buried.

You'll then be transported to the breathtaking rose city of Petra, before unwinding in the desert while enjoying bedouin hospitality. You'll end the trip enjoying the warm, tropical waters at Aqaba where you have the opportunity to go snorkelling, before heading back up to the capital Amman to do some shopping.

This trip is ideal for adventurous souls looking to connect with their Islamic heritage, while having the chance to enjoy special experiences including a jeep safari in the sands of Wadi Rum, bedouin stargazing, swimming in the sea and enjoying local delicacies including kunefe and baklawa.

Here's what Sadia said about this trip when she joined us in late October 2023:

Jordan an epic adventure

HTG provided a well thought out and extremely well tailored experience that helped me learn about the most amazing Islamic history combined with an adrenaline packed few days in the breathtaking desert of Wadi Rum. HTG have thought of every detail providing an exceptional tour guide Hasan who not only had a breadth of knowledge to share but was also a caring and kind host that looked after us and made the experience the most enjoyable.

The host from Rum Planet Camp Ahmed was most welcoming and took care of our every need. I felt so happy to hear experiences from the beautiful people of Jordan... I just want to thank Soumaya and HTG for once again organising such a special trip and working with locals to provide an authentic and inclusive experience that will be remembered always.

Trip Highlights

What you'll experience

  • Islamic heritage tour through the heart of Islam in Jordan; Together with our local guide you'll trace the route of Nabi Musa, Nabi Shoaib and Nabi Ayyub. You'll also visit various locations of historical importance including the final resting grounds of numerous companions of the Prophet ﷺ
  • Stand on Mount Nebo, where Musa AS is believed to have once stood
  • Walking tour through one of the 7 Wonders of the World - Petra;
  • Desert stargazing with our local Bedouin guides, who have used the stars to navigate their way across the desert for thousands of years
  • 4x4 Desert safari in the red sands of Wadi Rum
  • Desert campfire and stories;
  • Camel safari in Wadi Rum (optional extra)
  • Lunch and Dinner in the desert hosted by the local Bedouin community
  • Sleep under the stars in Wadi Rum
  • Enjoy homemade and traditional Jordanian cuisine
  • Day trip to the coastal city of Aqaba
  • Free time to enjoy shopping or exploring in Amman


From   £1,350 Deposit: £100


From   £735    Deposit: £60

From   £910    Deposit: £60


From   £735    Deposit: £60

Airport Transfer Window

ARRIVAL TRANSFER: On Saturday from 22:00 – 00:30 am

DEPARTURE TRANSFER: On Saturday from 07:00 am

Arrival/Departure Airport: Queen Alia International Airport, Amman

These transfer windows have been planned to align with the direct flights from London - Amman with Royal Jordanian and WizzAir. 

We welcome guests from all nationalities/countries to join the trip and can arrange separate airport transfers for an additional fee, starting from £50

Trip Dates

This trip departs in 2024, so if you like to plan your trips well in advance and want to save up for it early, this is ideal for you!

There will be only 1 ladies-only  departure for 2024, so book early to avoid disappointment:
Saturday 4th May- Saturday 11th May 2024 (Ladies-only)

What’s included

  • Accomodation

    7 nights including 3 in Amman, 2 in Petra 1 in Wadi Rum and 1 in Aqaba.
  • Visit prophets & sahaba

    Together with our local guide you'll trace the route of Nabi Musa, Nabi Shoaib and Nabi Ayyub, along with many sahaba
  • Stargazing experience

    In the desert sands of Wadi Rum
  • Wadi Rum Adventure

    We'll take you on a jeep safari on the red sands of Wadi Rum with our local bedouin host.
  • Deluxe tent upgrade

    Private bathroom in your tent in Wadi Rum
  • Explore Petra

    One of the Seven Wonders of the World
  • Spend the day in Aqaba

    Swim in the sea, go snorkelling or just enjoy relaxing on the beach
  • Airport Transfers

    At Queen Alia International Airport (according to the recommended flight times)
  • Local hosts and guides

    Your visit supports the local people
  • Visa

    We'll process your visa on arrival at the airport. Your ticket includes the cost of the visa and airport rep.
  • Transport

    Transport throughout trip in private vehicle
  • Meals

    7 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners
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    Covid Test

    Not required for most travellers anymore, please check your local government guidance
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    Personal expenses

    Shopping/souvenirs, travel insurance
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    Extra meal

    Meals outside of those stated above (lunch, dinner)
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    For driver and guides


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