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Welcome to Halal Travel Guide's 'Book Your Trip' page, your gateway to extraordinary Muslim group travel experiences. Explore our curated selection of group tours designed with adventurous Muslim travellers in mind. Whether you are a muslim woman searching for the safety and friendship of a travel group, or a couple of friends wanting someone to organise your next trip, you're in the right place.

We design our tours to give you access to high-quality travel experiences. You'll stay in hand-picked halal and Muslim-friendly hotels, eat delicious halal food, meet the locals and connect with your Islamic heritage, all while experiencing new adventures and praying in beautiful mosques on your travels.

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Why Travel with us?

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Small groups

Just the right size for you to explore at ease, and socialise as much or as little as you like. Whether you are a solo traveller or already have a friend you want to travel with, you'll be well taken care of in our Muslim travel groups. You may arrive a stranger, but you'll leave as a member of the family.

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Quality-assured itineraries

We hand-pick local hosts in each destination, so you feel right at home. Every itinerary is tailored to provide you with the best halal travel experience.

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Supporting local communities

Tourism has the potential for a lot of good, when it's done right. We work closely with local travel experts in each destination so that we can support the local community while creating a beautifully-designed itinerary. Every ticket purchased supports local people and local businesses.

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Empowering Muslims

More than halal travel, our tours are designed to reconnect Muslim travellers with local communities, stories and legacies from our shard heritage.

Muslim Group Travel for every budget

Explore our range of tours according to your budget and preferred accommodation class.

Premium Trips

  • 50% of your accommodation will be in beautiful, 4* hotels.
  • The remainder will be in hand-picked, highly rated boutique hotels
  • 100% of your trip is designed to give you a top travel experience.

Comfort Trips

  • You'll stay in modern, clean, Muslim-friendly accommodation located in peaceful countryside
  • These trips are designed to give you 24/7 access to nature.
  • 100% of your trip is designed to give you a top travel experience.

We bring Muslim travellers together to enjoy incredible experiences




My First adventure with HTG

I recently went to Bosnia with HTG on a woman's only retreat and as it was my first solo trip I was a bit anxious about what the whole experience would hold but I had nothing to worry about as I was made to feel absolutely welcomed and part of the group. Was able to make amazing memories, shared lots of laughs, met wonderful people and truly had a great adventure on this holiday.


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My first trip with HTG and it has truly been an amazing experience in Jordan! Soumaya had the whole trip very well organized and made sure everyone was taken care of. Definetely recommend booking a trip with HTG!

Monia, USA




Adventure in Uzbekistan 2022

At the first instance of being introduced to the itinerary I knew this was a trip seldom found anywhere else. I had been researching about Uzbekistan since just before the pandemic and there didn't seem to be any travel provider that matched my aspirations as well as carrying an Islamic/Muslim-friendly theme. That was until I came across HTG which contained everything and more. Soumaya was very accomodating and supportive during the run up to the trip especially as I was going to be travelling solo. All of the technical, logistical and organisational aspects of the trip were managed brilliantly by sister Soumaya and brother Humoyun allowing me to enjoy the trip seamlessly.

Saad, UK




Cappadocia 💕💕💕💕

Went on Cappadocia trip, had an amazing time as usual 🎊 🎉 Soumaya was a great host, always made sure that we were looked after, and always going above and beyond to ensure that we all have a lovely experience🛩💐🌸🦅🌍 Her access to local tour guides, and research is evident, and shows that we always have an authentic and true experience🍸🍹🇹🇷

The hot air balloons, stunning hotel and delicious farewell meal is something that I will remember forever ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you I will be back Insha’Allah xxx

Aysha, UK

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