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We envision a world in which travel is better for everyone

That means travel experiences that are good for locals, better for the environment and more meaningful to travellers.

Travel in the 'New Normal'

It’s become a cliché to say that the pandemic has completely changed the way we travel. But, except for the superficial changes of hygiene protocols and medical testing, has it changed the way we travel?

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Helping you travel better

Our Values guide everything we do at Halal Travel Guide:

  •  ✨Excellent Service

  • 🌿 Being Mindful, Intentional & Responsible

  • 🤝 Building cross-cultural bridges

  • 🌙 Travelling to seek knowledge

  • 💚 Hosting you with love

So what are we doing to make travel better?

🎙️ A better way to Travel

Top 20 podcast in the Islam category, UK 2021

Join our audience of listeners in 38+ countries and enjoy unique travel stories as told by local Muslims across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

In this series you'll take a walking tour of Istanbul and learn the secrets of Sinan; hear what it's like being Muslim in Barbados; find out why every Muslim should visit Bosnia, and much more.

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What you say about travelling with us

"Went on a tour to Bosnia, and it was amazing! One of the best experiences ever, Soumaya was an amazing host and all the guides were lovely. Everything was well planned and we did some great activities - including the sky walk, visiting the waterfalls, visiting the genocide memorial, and white water rafting!

I was travelling as a solo female traveller so was worried about the group but everything was amazing 🤩 felt so safe and comfortable."

Aysha on our Experience Bosnia tour in August 2021