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Many of you have been in touch to find out more about how you too can visit this beautiful country, so I have shared my top tips below.

1.Getting there

There are no direct flights from the UK to Bosnia. You can fly to Sarajevo Airport via Germany, and then if you wanted to visit Mostar it’s a 2 hour journey by car, 4 hours by coach.

There is an easier way. We flew to Split Airport from London-Luton, which is a short 2 hour flight. We then took the coach over the border to Mostar, which was 4 hours.

There are flights all over the UK to Split, including Stanstead, Bristol, Manchester and Gatwick.

Pro tip: Book your dates for the off-season, such as just after Easter, when return flights can go for as little as £48.

WARNING: The coaches from Split to Mostar rarely run on time – we found they were on average half an hour late. This can work in your favour though, as the first flight lands at 09:50 and the first bus is scheduled for 11:00. We thought we wouldn’t make the coach but we managed to get there just before 11:00 (only to find it didn’t leave until 11:30).


The historic Muslibegovi House, voted one of the best hotels in the world. Enjoy a night here from as little as £65 ! Photo credit:

2. Hotels

Hotels in Mostar are very affordable and go for an average of £35/night upwards, breakfast included. They are likely to become busy from May onwards so if you dont enjoy crowds, we suggest booking your stay for spring time. Another good reason to visit in spring is the weather is balmy, whereas the summer months can get very hot, sometimes hitting 40 degrees celsius.


3. Making your way around Mostar

When you arrive at the bus station you will find a taxi rank. The taxis run on a meter but you can ask approximately how much a journey will cost in advance. You can also ask your taxi driver to take you to a money exchange before you go to the hotel.

If you like your taxi driver, take his card – he will likely be more than happy to help you out during your stay with fixed fee trips.


Meet Adnan, one of the friendly and knowledgeable guides at Balkan Travel Services

4. Expenses and tours

Eating out is incredibly affordable in Mostar. You can enjoy a luxurious meal by a top location, such as a waterfall, for a fraction of the price you would pay in London, for example. Taxis are also very reasonable.

We recommend hiring a tour guide for one or two days to explore the areas surrounding Mostar, where there is plenty of history and breath-taking scenery. I used Balkan Travel Services who provided an excellent service. They picked us up straight from the hotel and shared their specialist knowledge of the local areas and where to find the best halal food. They also offer some of the most competitive rates for tour packages all over the country, such as Sarajevo, Travnik, Srebrenica, Bihac and more…

Thinking of planning a trip to the beautiful town of Mostar? Check out our halal travel guide for ideas on what to see and do during your holiday, and where to find halal food and mosques.

Happy holiday planning!