Soumaya Hamdi Croatia Halal Business Forum

Halal Business Forum Zagreb

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Soumaya Hamdi Croatia Halal Business Forum

Soumaya T Hamdi, Director of Halal Travel Guide, sharing company research into how destinations can attract the Muslim Travel Market

Soumaya T. Hamdi, Founder & Managing Director of Halal Travel Guide, presented her research on how destinations can attract Muslim travellers at this year’s Halal Business Forum Croatia. The Halal Business Forum (HBF) is the biggest halal economy conference of its kind in the EU, bringing together professionals from across the trade, manufacturing, finance, IT, sales and tourism to explore new business opportunities in the field of halal.

“Honoured to share the Halal Travel Guide vision for the future of Halal Tourism at the Halal Business Forum Croatia in 📍Zagreb today”, shared Soumaya on LinkedIn. “Thank you Aldin Dugonjić for inviting me to participate in such a valuable conference.” #halalbusinessforum #halaleconomy #halaltourism #responsibletourism

Soumaya delivered her talk at the Westin Hotel, Zagreb, where the two-day conference hosted delegates from around the world. Focusing on the issues most relevant to today’s global halal industry, Halal Business Forum is designed to stimulate new thinking and inspire action, while providing a unique networking environment to connect qualified buyers with manufacturers and tourism stakeholders.

For more information about the Halal Business Forum, head over to their website