Flying long-distance with a baby: Essential survival kit

In Community by Soumaya

Flying long-distance is a chore, let alone with a baby that is entirely dependent on you. Having flown with my baby from London to Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Tokyo, these are my top tips to make your flight a little more bearable!


1 – Calpol

Buy the flyer-friendly size (100ml). It’s an essential – just in case!

2 – Teething toys and/or dummy

These are self-explanatory, right?

3 – Nursing cloth

If you are nursing your baby, a nursing cloth is a comfortable and discreet way to do so in public. I have used mine on flights, in cars, at parks and more. They take up very little room in your bag too. Even if you are not nursing, they can help to shade your baby from the plane lights when you are putting them to sleep in the bassinet.

4 – Paracetamol/Panadol

This is for you – flying long-distance is really draining, and the last thing you need is to be in any kind of pain.

5 – Chocolate/cereal bars

Also for you – although you deserve so much more!

6 – White noise

Have you ever sat next to a really noisy kid who screams in delight every time he wins on his games console, right when your baby is about to drift off? Yep, this is for those times. You can download white noise for free online in mp3 format that can be played from your smartphone.

7 – Enough nappies, clothes and wipes for 30 hours

30 hours is a rough estimate, but anything can happen when you travel. I had changed my daughter into two new outfits (nappy leakage) before we had even boarded.

8 – Baby carrier with a sunshade

If you’re landing in a hot country, you may find yourself waiting outside for a while for your transport. Protect your child from the heat with a hat or, better yet, sunshade.

9 – Water

Always one of my flight essentials. Note if you are nursing or with someone who is, they will need even more.

10 – Selfie-stick

To capture you and your baby’s first moments in flight together!