Essential packing tips for Muslim travellers

Essential Packing Tips for Muslim Travellers: Your Ultimate Guide

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Travelling can be an exhilarating experience, but for Muslim travellers, there are certain essentials that can make the journey smoother and more fulfilling. Whether you’re embarking on a spiritual pilgrimage or simply exploring a new destination, packing the right items can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll delve into seven essential packing tips for Muslim travellers, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your next adventure.

7 essential muslim travel packing tips

Essential Packing Tips for Muslim Travellers: Your Ultimate Guide

1. Travel Prayer Mat: The Pocket Sejadah by Takva


    • Why it’s essential: Maintaining your daily prayers whilst on the move can be challenging, especially when clean and appropriate spaces are hard to find.
    • Our recommendation: The Pocket Sejadah by Takva is a game-changer. As the name suggests, this travel prayer mat can easily fit into any small bag or even your pocket! Lightweight and compact, it ensures you’re always ready for Salah, no matter where you are.

2. Miswak

Essential packing tips for Muslim travellers

Also known as ‘the world’s first toothbrush’, the popularity of miswak is on the rise as people rediscover this healthy and eco-friendly method of tooth-brushing.


    • Why it’s essential: Oral hygiene is paramount, and the Miswak is a natural toothbrush that’s been used for centuries in Islamic traditions.
    • Packing tip: Slip a Miswak into your toiletry bag. It’s not only a brilliant way to maintain dental hygiene but also a sunnah, making it a spiritual and practical choice.

3. Portable Bidet

Essential packing tips for Muslim travellers

Packing a portable bidet will ensure you are never caught short while on the road.


    • Why it’s essential: Let’s face it – many countries do not have bidets in the bathroom, or a jug/lota. If you have a disposable bottle on you, you may be able to use that instead. But a far more convenient and sustainable way to stay clean is by investing in a portable bidet. 
    • Packing tip: A portable bidet is compact and ensures you can maintain your hygiene standards wherever you go. It’s especially handy in places where bidets aren’t standard in restrooms.

4. Packing Cubes

Essential packing tips for Muslim travellers packing cubes

    • Why they’re essential: Keeping your luggage organised can save time and reduce stress.
    • Our recommendation: Use packing cubes to segregate your clothes, toiletries, and other essentials. They’re particularly useful for separating clean clothes from laundry or keeping your prayer attire free from creases.

5. Laundry Sheets and Soap
Essential packing tips for Muslim travellers travel soap

    • Why they’re essential: Unexpected spills or extended trips mean you might need to do some laundry on the go.
    • Our recommendation: Opt for eco-friendly laundry sheets or soap bars. They’re lightweight, mess-free, and perfect for handwashing items in your hotel sink or local launderette.

6. Ziplock or Vacuum Bags
Essential packing tips for Muslim travellers

    • Why they’re essential: Space can be at a premium, especially if you’re travelling with just hand luggage.
    • Packing tip: Use ziplock or vacuum bags to compress your clothes, making more room in your suitcase. They’re also great for storing snacks, medicines, or keeping liquids separate.

7. Medicine Bag
Essential packing tips for Muslim travellers

    • Why it’s essential: Health is wealth, and having a dedicated medicine bag ensures you’re prepared for any minor ailments or emergencies.
    • Packing tip: Stock up on essentials like painkillers, plasters, and any prescription medications. Also, consider including travel-sized versions of common remedies or supplements you use regularly.


With the planning and packing, you can ensure your journey is both spiritually fulfilling and hassle-free. From the innovative Pocket Sejadah to the practicality of packing cubes, each of these packing tips for Muslim travellers has been recommended to us by our HTG Travel community on Instagram. So, pack wisely, travel light, and embark on your next adventure with confidence and faith. Safe travels! 🌍

[Note: Always remember to check the regulations of the country you’re travelling to, especially regarding items in your hand luggage.]

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