Soumaya Hamdi podcast interview eith World Food Travel Association

Building Bridges with Food – Interview with Soumaya T Hamdi

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Building Bridges with Food – Podcast Interview with World Food Travel Association

When Erik interviewed me for the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) podcast, one of the questions he asked me is ‘What legacy do you hope to leave behind’?

I often ask myself this question too.

The answer? I want to leave behind impregnable bridges that Halal Travel Guide is building between people, stories and cultures that have otherwise been disconnected.

Thank you to Erik Wolf, WFTA Founder and Executive Director, for inviting me on the show. You can listen 🎧 to the interview, “Building Bridges with Food”, right here ⤵️

Soumaya Hamdi podcast interview eith World Food Travel Association

Episode summary: In this episode, we speak with Soumaya Hamdi. Described as the “entrepreneur redefining travel for millennial Muslims,” Soumaya is the Founder and Managing Director of Halal Travel Guide, a travel company focusing on creating better travel experiences for Muslims. Halal Travel Guide works in partnership with local hosts from around the world to design trips with adventure-seeking Muslims in mind and provides free digital travel guides to help Muslims plan better independent trips.