🎙️Beyond Safari: How to visit Kenya

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Beyond Safari: How to visit Kenya

Podcast Episode #5, A Better Way to Travel 

a better way to travel halal travel guide podcast Beyond Safari: How to visit Kenya


What comes to mind when you think of Kenya?

Close your eyes and visualize it; what do you see?





*now scroll down*







If any of the cliché images of safari, wild animals and dusty, dry savannah are what come to mind, you’re not the only one.

One of the things mainstream tourism does is watering down and neatly packaging and positioning destinations to make them more easily understandable and appealing. Combine that with the impact of certain postcolonial narratives that are told about countries such as Kenya, and it becomes even more difficult to truly experience all the country has to offer.

Unless that is, you’re travelling with a knowledgeable local.

Today I’m joined by Samia and Nasra Bwana, two Kenyan Muslim women providing an alternative travel experience of their home country. Together Samia and Nasra run Halal Safaris, one of the only exclusively halal tour operators in Africa and the only one exploring Islamic heritage in their local region.

In this episode Samia and Nasra will share why the popular perception of Kenya being specifically known for safaris is more of a colonial hangover than a true depiction of all that Kenya has to offer.

You’ll gain an exclusive insight into Swahili culture and the experience of being Muslim in East Africa, along with a snapshot into the appeal of life on the island of Lamu.

Let’s go!


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Beyond Safari: How to visit Kenya