Welcome to the Halal Travel Guide (HTG). HTG is an online platform that shares practical information for planning unforgettable travel experiences. We travel the world to share information with you that you cannot find on Google, and work with locals to craft authentic travel itineraries.


    Join us as we rediscover epic stories about the contribution of Islam and Muslims throughout the ages, from all corners of the globe. We send our team to travel far and wide to uncover Islamic heritage first hand. Whether it's the cultural and scientific contributions from the Moors in Andalucia, Spain; the story of the local Muslim community in Barbados; or the tales behind the breathtaking blue architectural masterpieces in Uzbekistan; it's our mission to uncover these stories and share them with you. 

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    Hot air balloons flying over Cappadocia, Turkey

    Our Vision is to make it possible for Muslims to travel the world; to soak up vibrant cultures, enjoy varied cuisines and make lifelong friends.

    Our Values are

    To Inform...
    …our readers about the myriad of destinations that are waiting to be explored. We aspire to share the history, culture and beauty of the world…

    To Inspire…
    …you to consider visiting a destination that you have not previously considered. We aim to make this easier for you through our travel guides…

    To Influence…
    …by becoming the most-used guide for British Muslim travellers.

    Meet the Team!


    Soumaya Hamdi is the Editor and founder of the Halal Travel Guide. She began travel writing back in 2015, when she took a road trip through Malaysia with her husband and 4 month old baby.

    Realising that she could help others by sharing travel tips on where to find halal food, how to travel with a baby and experience the local culture, Soumaya decided to set up HTG together with her husband. Soumaya is now working towards sharing stories about Muslims and Islamic heritage around the world through her travels, with the #OwnYourNarrative series of articles. You can keep up with her travels via Instagram at @Hijabimeetsworld.

    Favourite Travel Moment
    Climbing up to the fortress of Pocitelj in Bosnia Herzegovina and being blown away by the view, which was a beautiful combination of natural scenery and centuries' old Ottoman architecture.


    Sara Salih is a world traveller and writer from London. She wanders the world in search of the finest places, bluest beaches and most delicious mocktails. But most importantly, she travels to feel the inevitable closeness to Allah swt when discovering His creation.

    Coming from an Arab background, she loves to inspire women to travel, experience and live their best life regardless of societal and cultural norms. Her mission is to encourage others to break out of their personal boundaries and explore the world.

    Ultimate Bucket List Travel Experience
    To pet all the rabbits on the bunny island of Okunoshima, scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef, skydive in New Zealand, road trip and eat the whole of Italy and spend a month on Greek Islands to recover from all that excitement.

    You can follow her adventures and stories on Instagram @sarasalih__ and on her blog sarasalih.com.


    Abu Ayyub is a traveler, writer and photographer. A Latino-Muslim convert, he’s lived overseas for over a decade in search of Sacred Knowledge and experiencing different cultures.  He currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey. His favorite adventure was a trip into the deserts of Mauritania in search of Shaykh Murabit al Hajj.

    Follow his travels via his Instagram page @abu_ayyub_chronicles 

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    Work with us

    We have worked with companies in the tourism and hospitality sector to advertise Muslim-friendly travel services, including tours and hotels. We have a loyal and growing audience of British and European Muslims looking to enjoy authentic travel experiences

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