7 essential muslim travel apps

7 Essential Muslim Travel Apps

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7 essential muslim travel apps
Ready to hit the road but worried about staying spiritually anchored? No worries! Here’s your digital toolkit – the top 7 travel apps every Muslim wanderer needs on their phone. We’ve selected these apps after asking the HTG Travel community on Instagram what you find most helpful to use while on your travels. Whether its accurate prayer times and Qibla compass, to being able to translate the ingredients list in your supermarket purchases, here are seven essential Muslim travel apps. Dive in and make every journey a soulful adventure!
Disclaimer: By ‘Muslim travel apps’, we mean that these are apps that are useful for the specific needs and challenges Muslims face while travelling. It does not necessarily mean that the app is owned or run by Muslims, although some in this list are. 

7 Essential Muslim Travel Apps

As a Muslim traveller, your journey can be made more convenient and spiritually enriching with the right set of mobile tools. In today’s digital age, our smartphones have become our trusty companions on adventures both near and far. These Muslim travel apps are designed to help you find prayer times, determine the Qibla direction, and maintain a strong connection to your faith while exploring new destinations.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or embark on your first adventure, these apps will be your companions, ensuring a fulfilling and hassle-free trip. So, let’s dive into the world of Muslim travel apps that will enhance your journey and deepen your spiritual connection while you are on the road.

1. Pillars App – Your Prayer Partner
Pillars prayer app screenshot - 7 essential muslim travel apps

More than just a prayer app, Pillars boasts 500k+ users and has been featured in the news for its beautiful design and seamless service. Imagine having a travel companion who ensures you never miss a prayer, no matter where you are. The Pillars app does just that. It offers precise prayer times and guides you to the Qibla direction, making your daily spiritual routines seamless even in unfamiliar surroundings. With customizable notifications, your connection with Allah remains unbroken. We’re a huge fan of Pillars at HTG!

2. Dhikr Counter – Stay Zen on the Go
dhikr counter - 7 essential Muslim travel apps Muslim travel apps - dhikr counter

Travel can sometimes throw us off our spiritual game, but the Dhikr Counter app helps you keep your faith front and centre. Track your daily remembrances (Dhikr) and stay connected with Allah, whether stuck in a long queue, waiting for take-off on your plane, or enjoying a serene moment by the beach.

3. Yaqeen Podcast – Feed Your Mind and Soul

Muslim travel apps - yaqeen podcast

Long flights? Layovers? Hours of train rides? Say hello to Yaqeen Institute’s podcast app! Dive into a treasure trove of Islamic knowledge and thought-provoking content. Tune in to their podcasts to deepen your understanding and strengthen your spirituality during your journey. What makes Yaqeen podcasts so great is how relatable and practical many of the discussions are.

4. Google Earth – Inspire Your Wanderlust and plan your itinerary

Muslim travel apps - google earth

This makes travel planning a lot more fun and immersive. Before your trip, indulge in a little virtual exploration with Google Earth. It’s not just an app; it’s a gateway to breathtaking 3D imagery, street views, and hidden gems. Use it to plan your itinerary and get a taste of what awaits you at your destination.

5. Google Translate – Bridge Language Barriers

Muslim travel apps Google Translate

Travelling to a foreign country can sometimes lead to language barriers, but Google Translate comes to the rescue. You can translate text and conversations and use the camera feature to instantly translate menus, signs, and more, ensuring you can savour the local cuisine while keeping it halal, and facilitating your conversations with the locals.

6. Zabiha – Hunt for Halal Delights

Muslim travel apps - zabiha

Food is a central part of any journey, but this is particularly important for ensuring your food is halal. Zabiha has been around for years, starting out as a website and moving on to having an app. Zabiha makes a handy culinary compass, helping you discover halal restaurants, grocery stores, and prayer spaces nearby, making sure you enjoy local flavours without worrying about hidden ingredients in your meals.

7. Google Qibla Finder – A Reliable Backup

Muslim travel apps - Google Qibla finder

While the Pillars app is excellent for Qibla direction, having a backup is always wise. Qibla Finder – Google is a simple app that uses Google Maps to help you find the Qibla direction accurately. It’s handy when you want to double-check your prayer orientation.

With these essential Muslim travel apps at your fingertips, they’ll not only enhance your travel experience but also deepen your spiritual connection with Allah along the way. Whether chasing adventures in distant lands or uncovering hidden gems in your city, these apps ensure that your faith remains intertwined with your travels.

So, download them, and set off on your adventure with the confidence that you’re never too far from your faith, no matter where your travels take you.