Your 6-Day Itinerary to Exploring Islamic Heritage in Bosnia

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You may realise as well that Bosnia is not as often listed as a bucket-list destination. However, Bosnia is a true gem home to fantastic mountain scenery, warm hospitality, and it is great value for money for a European destination. Moreover, Bosnia offers so much comfort for Muslim travellers like you because it has facilities that cater for the need of Muslims.

There are more reasons why choosing Bosnia as your next trip destination is the right thing. Check out our post to find out another 7 reasons why every Muslim should visit Bosnia.

Your 6-Day Itinerary to Exploring Islamic Heritage in Bosnia

If you ever asked yourself, how many days is the ideal time to explore Bosnia? There’s no correct answer to that. You can always adjust the activities and places that you visit to fit in your schedule. In this article, you can find your 6-day itinerary to exploring Islamic heritage in Bosnia explained below. You can use this itinerary as a reference when planning a trip to Bosnia.

Day 1 – Welcome to Bosnia

Depending on where you are in the world, you may have access to direct flights to Sarajevo. Budget flights with WizzAir from London-Luton Airport to Sarajevo now fly twice weekly, for example. Another fast and value for money route is by landing in Croatia, specifically in Split or Dubrovnik and then crossing the border. If you check on a map, Mostar (in Bosnia) is around 3 hours away from both cities, Split or Dubrovnik (in Croatia). Of course, a gorgeous view will be served for you along the Adriatic coast as you enter Bosnia. What’s not to love about that, right?

The Old Town of Mostar

The Old Town of Mostar is both historic and whimsical in its unique beauty. Photo: Soumaya Hamdi All Rights Reserved.

As you’re going to spend your first evening in Mostar, you can reserve accommodation located in the Old Town of Mostar. This is the best place to make it easy to explore the Old Town day or night, including the famous Stari Most bridge. 

Woman in hijab overlooks Stari Most Bridge

Pro Tip: You can climb up the minaret of Koski Mehmet Pasha mosque for a small fee. Be warned, it’s not for anyone with claustrophobia or a fear of heights! Photo: Hamza Shafi All Rights Reserved.

Day 2 – Rafting Adventure

Get ready for something that can pump up your adrenalin. Rafting it is!

You’ve seen the beautiful jade waters of the Neretva River flowing under Stari Most. Do you know that it’s not only beautiful to be seen but also thrilling to be ridden? It’s the adventure of a lifetime!

HTG's travellers during white water rafting on the Neretva River

HTG’s travellers during white water rafting on the Neretva River. Photo: Hamza Shafi All Rights Reserved.

Worry not because you don’t need to have any prior experience of rafting. There will be experienced skippers who will give you all the guidance you need. Halfway along, we’ll moor our rafts for a while and enjoy a private BBQ!

Tonight, you can stay in a hotel in Sarajevo.

PS: For the white-water rafting activity, you need to bring sportswear or clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. For you ladies, a burkini is ideal for this activity! As for footwear, you can bring activewear sandals or wear those supplied at the rafting shop. 

Day 3 – Exploring the History of the Ottomans

Rise and shine!

Today you’ll wake up in Bosnia’s capital city, Sarajevo. Here you can find powerful and influential historical figures who had permanently left their mark on the city. You can walk through the cobblestone streets of the Bascarsija, where you can hear a muezzin make the call to prayer from the minaret of Gazi Husrev Beg mosque. As you may know, hearing a muezzin making the call to prayer right in front of your eyes is not commonly seen here in Europe. So, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!

Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque in Sarajevo

Gazi Husrev Beg Dzamija has both an indoor and outdoor prayer space for women and men. Photo: Soumaya Hamdi All Rights Reserved.

Later in the early afternoon, you can settle for lunch in a karavanserai (also written as ‘caravanserai’) and share tales from this historic city. A caravanserai was a roadside inn where travellers could use to rest and recover from their journey. Caravanserais were dispersed along the land routes of the Silk Roads, the ancient trade route linking China and the Far East with the Middle East and Europe. Try Kolobara Han or Morica Han for the most authentic experience.

Spend the rest of the afternoon strolling around and exploring the traditional handmade crafts stalls and bakeries.

Day 4 – Visit Srebrenica

Most people have heard of the war that tore Bosnia apart in the 1990s. Just as it was beginning to end in 1995, a terrible genocide took place where more than 8000 souls were taken in only a few days.

On 11 July 1995, General Ratko Mladic entered the protected town of Srebrenica with his army and began to ‘ethnically cleanse’ the refuge of Bosnian men and boys.⁠ It’s estimated that 8373 unarmed Bosnian Muslim men and boys were killed in only a few days in July 1995.⁠

The United Nations peacekeeping mission led by the Netherlands failed to stop the ethnic cleansing despite many Bosnian Muslims had sought refuge at their headquarters in Srebrenica. UN petrol was used to fuel the transport of men and boys to the killing fields and bulldozers to plough the corpses into mass graves. ⁠Moreover, women and even girls were also subjected to violence and mass rape.

Srebrenica white grave headstones

Srebrenica now holds more than 8000 of these white headstones signifying the victims of this genocide. Photo: Soumaya Hamdi All Rights Reserved.

For some people, you may or may not have heard of this history before. However, if you plan a trip here, do familiarise yourself with this story to understand the story behind it. Furthermore, by visiting this memorial site, you’re taking part in the necessary effort to keep these stories alive for future generations to learn from.

Day 5 – Mostar’s Old Town

After some days of exploring Sarajevo, today you can head back to Mostar to explore more of the scenic Herzegovina region.  

Ottoman dervish Lodge blagaj Tekke

Blagaj Tekke is beautiful to visit any time of year. Photo: Soumaya Hamdi All Rights Reserved.

The main stop for today will be the Blagaj Dervish Lodge. In the 16th century, the Tekke (Dervish lodge) was built and served as a hostel for travelling Sufi dervishes. Enjoy the blue-green water view of the Buna river and also have your lunch here. They have the famous Bosnian-Ottoman soup starter called Begova Corba or ‘Bey Soup’.

Next, another stop for today is Pocitelj Fortress, an old fortress and town built on the hills overlooking the Neretva river known for its restored castle.

Since you’re in Mostar for tonight, enjoy your time to explore Mostar’s Old Town.

Day 6 – Till next time!

Since today is your last day, why don’t you take the chance to complete Fajr prayer in the local mosque? You’ll get to enjoy the peaceful morning of this historic Ottoman town.

Have a safe trip back to Dubrovnik Airport for your return flight home!

There you go, your 6-day itinerary to exploring Islamic heritage in Bosnia!

Before you book a ticket and accommodation, check the weather to make sure that you pack accordingly. Since most activities happen outdoors, you want to ensure that the weather is nice and suitable for outdoor activities. The best times to visit are April – early July and again from September-October, when the days are long, the sun is bright and the crowds are few.

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