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5 secluded beaches in the UK to visit during your summer staycation

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It’s not always easy to find beaches in the UK that aren’t crammed with tourists. Although the UK is not particularly famous for its beaches, there are a few hidden gems that are ideal for anyone who prefers to avoid the crowds of summer holidaymakers. If you’re keen to top up your vitamin D and treat your family to a change of scenery, here are 5 secluded beaches in the UK to visit during your summer staycation.

1. Caswell Bay, Swansea

caswell bay secluded beaches in the uk

Photo: SimonLawton/Instagram

If you’ve missed the feeling of sand under your feet, pack your bags and head over to Caswell Bay. This Welsh natural beauty is located along the scenic Mumbles Headland, Britain’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Whether you’re there to enjoy the scenery, explore the rock pools or create some art, Caswell Bay is a great place to feel inspired.

Journey time by car (approximate)


From London: 3 hours, 45 mins.
From Manchester: 4.5 hours.
From Birmingham: 3 hours and 15 mins.


2. Tenby South beach, Pembrokeshire

tenby south beach secluded beaches in the uk

Photo: Twitter/@drewbphoto

Golden sands stretch at Tenby beach for over one mile and a half, so there’s plenty of room to find yourself a secluded spot here. If you’re planning to swim, time your visit to coincide with high tide. If you have young children and prefer making sandcastles or searching for sea life in the dunes, visiting at low tide when more of the beach is exposed will provide hours of exploration.


Journey time by car (approximate)


From London: 4.5 hours
From Manchester: 4.5 hours
From Birmingham: 3 hours 50 mins.


3. Barmouth beach, Wales

barmouth beach secluded beaches in the uk

Barmouth beach, Wales. Photo:

The beach is incredibly popular, especially in the summer months – but don’t let that put you off. The beach stretches for miles, providing plenty of room for everyone. Sitting on the scenic west coast of North Wales, Barmouth Beach is the ideal location to enjoy long, seaside walks. The white sands and mountainous backdrop are the perfect antidote to the confines of city life. Plus, the beach is actually located in Snowdonia National Park, making it a great place to get some hikes in during your stay.


Journey time by car (approximate)


From London: 4.5 hours.
From Manchester: 2 hours, 40 mins.
From Birmingham: 2.5 hours.



4. Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

barafundle bay aerial view secluded beaches in the uk

Aerial view of Barafundle Bay, Wales. Photo: Pete Garnett/Unsplash

The jewel of this list, Barafundle Bay is well worth the 30-minute walk across the headland and down the steps to the sandy bay. There’s no road access to the bay and the road isn’t suitable for anything with wheels, but if you’re determined enough to make the trip, you will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.


Journey time by car (approximate)


From London: 4.5 hours.
From Manchester: 4 hours 45 mins.
From Birmingham: 3 hours, 50 mins.


5. Lindsway bay, Pembrokeshire

lindsway bay secluded beaches in the uk

Photo: Twitter/@W4LES

Plan your trip to this small beach to coincide with low tide, when the sandy shoreline and rockpools appear. Like Barafundle Bay, Lindsway Bay is not accessible by car. Take the coastal path to the beach and enjoy panoramic views of the Pembrokeshire shoreline.


Journey time by car (approximate)


From London: 4 hours, 50 mins.
From Manchester: 5 hours.
From Birmingham: 4 hours.

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