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    Self-discovery through travel

    At Halal Travel Guide we believe in the power of travel as a means to enrich your life. We curate immersive travel experiences so that you can explore like a local with like-minded travellers from all walks of life. By travelling to research each destination before we share a guide or create a tour for it, you know you are getting the real-deal. Our values are to:

    Curate authentic experiences

    Support local businesses

    Exploring heritage and identity

    Join us on one of our group adventures...

       Adventure in Uzbekistan

    On this 7 day journey through Uzbekistan, we will visit 4 very different cities, each with its own character. From Tashkent to Samarkand, Bukhara and then finally, Khiva, we will take you through the heart of Central Asia’s Silk Route and rich Islamic heritage.  

    Experience Bosnia

    Take in the rolling hills and blue skies on horseback, and enjoy the fairytale view over Stari Most with a cup of freshly-made Bosnian coffee. Join us as we uncover stories of courage and sacrifice during the Bosnian war, and meet locals who call this beautiful land fraught with beauty and bloodshed, their home.

    What our guests say

    "I'm so glad I decided to travel with HTG for my first ever tour holiday... The whole experience was unforgettable. From the people I met, the places we visited and the care and attention given by HTG to every little detail.". 
    Sobia, UK. 

    "This was my first solo trip, I relied on the amazing trip organisers at Halal Travel Guide from start to finish as I have never been on a trip like this. Alhamdhulilah it was the best decision I have ever made, if you are second guessing booking DON'T!". 
    Maewish, Manchester.

    C.S. Lewis

    This month's travel feature: Uzbekistan

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    5 Reasons to visit Uzbekistan in 2019

    "Uzbekistan boasts an incredible culinary heritage of rich meaty broths, fragrant rice, delicate green tea and more besides.

    But whilst many of the photos showcase Uzbekistan’s external beauty, there is much more to this Central Asian country than the Oriental glamour reminiscent of a set on Disney’s Aladdin..."


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    Join us as we uncover lesser known stories about Islam and Muslims' contributions to the world.

    Part I – Andalucia: Resurrecting a lost story

    The Byzantine ambassador enters through an enormous ebony door, onto a long red carpet that stretches over the marble floor. He begins his walk towards the Sultan’s quarters, past bronze griffins and yet more marble, this time in the form of fountains gushing forth crystal clear water.



    Part II – Andalucia: Resurrecting a lost story

    He was known as ‘Blackbird’ for his colour and melodious voice, and his name was Ziryab. If, like me, you live in Europe, chances are you may never have heard of him; a man whose legacy is imbued in some of the most fundamental aspects of Western culture.