Jade-coloured rivers flow through ancient valleys...The minarets of old Ottoman mosques illuminate the skyline...while the adhaan rings through the Baščaršija.

Pangkor Laut Island resort

Adventure in Uzbekistan: Khiva

A Legend from the son of Noah

Mohammed told us a few theories as to where the name ‘Khiva’ comes from. My favourite is the legend that Prophet Nuh’s son and successor, Shem, had a dream that inspired him to built the city.  

Join Maryam on this journey of exploration and a search for knowledge in Uzbekistan...

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Join us as we uncover lesser known stories about Islam and Muslims' contributions to the world.


Part I – Andalucia: Resurrecting a lost story

The Byzantine ambassador enters through an enormous ebony door, onto a long red carpet that stretches over the marble floor. He begins his walk towards the Sultan’s quarters, past bronze griffins and yet more marble, this time in the form of fountains gushing forth crystal clear water.



Part II – Andalucia: Resurrecting a lost story

He was known as ‘Blackbird’ for his colour and melodious voice, and his name was Ziryab. If, like me, you live in Europe, chances are you may never have heard of him; a man whose legacy is imbued in some of the most fundamental aspects of Western culture.